Last week was held at Romexpo Agricover 2019, the Annual Conference which has already become a tradition, being the most appreciated event dedicated to innovative solutions that support farmers’ performance. Like every year, the event focused on the news from agribusiness, state-of-the-art technologies and trends in agricultural markets.



The event brought together only the elite of Romanian agriculture, namely the best farmers, international experts and suppliers of state-of-the-art technologies.



The Karpaten Meat Group team was also present at the event, promoting programs developed with Agricover.



The focus of discussions with those present was on the future plans of KMG, which aims the implementing of Angus bovine fattening centres. In order to close the production chain in our country, it is necessary that in the coming years major investments are made in the last stage of the process, so that Romania may have the ability to preserve its products and in time to turn from a bovine trader into a stable and long-lasting quality beef supplier.



Many of those present have shown interest in this business and the benefits that this sector can have in Romania. KMG and businessmen involved in agriculture hope that through our common efforts and national support, the real potential of the country can be attained.