A new pack of Angus beef was launched in the www.premiumangus.ro store.




KID PACK is the package designed to match the children’s menu. It includes a mix of beef cuts that allow cooking dishes for the whole family, including the toddlers, due to the low-fat content of the cuts and the cooking mode that suits them (cooking, baking or simply grilling in the case of the rump steak).



The traceability of the cuts offered by the store ensures the guarantee of a high-quality product – a locally produced beef, in a system that emphasises animal welfare, respect for nature and balanced nutrition. The whole system of Premium Angus beef is closely monitored and controlled at each stage, so that beef reaching the consumer’s plate brings flavour and tenderness, but also nutritional qualities very important for the body.



For a both tasty and healthy menu, we recommend consumers to choose in a responsible and informed manner the products they want to put on the table, especially for children who, for healthy growth and proper functioning of the body, need natural and nutritional food.



KID PACK contains two pieces of pulp that can be cooked classically, in traditional dishes or recipes prepared through boiling or baking. The topside and the silverside, with a low-fat content, can be the basis of a healthy and tasty menu for kids.



The third piece is the rump steak – the most important piece of pulp, well marbled and with a fine texture. It is known for its versatility in cooking and is also appreciated as a very good steak. It can be prepared in the oven or in other ways as well.



The pieces are matured in dry-age for 21 days and packed individually in vacuum packs. The weights for each piece are approximate and can vary by +/- 5%, but the package will weigh at least 3 kg per pack. Packages will be delivered in cardboard boxes and refrigerated transport temperature will be provided by returnable refrigerated boxes.



Try KID PACK simply and fast, from the online store www.premiumangus.ro  !