An efficient and cost-effective management implies, in addition to knowing the breed’s characteristics, a knowledge and insight into the market, the trading possibilities and the half-yearly availability of animals.


This is the ideal time for selecting pregnant cattle for farmers who want to supplement their livestock. Securing in time the future livestock of the animals ensures the cattle’s availability and their selection in terms of performance and appearance, but especially helps farmers to efficiently calculate and manage their future investments and profitability. Good planning offers the benefits of efficient management and predictability in the business.


Karpaten Meat launches two variants for the selection of Aberdeen Angus cattle, according to wishes, exploits and possibilities:


  • selection of heifers to be mounted in May, this year
  • reservation of pregnant heifers whose calves should have a minimum 8 months of age in May 2020, so that they meet the eligibility conditions for the subsidy (for both mother and calf)


The interest of Romanian entrepreneurs is still greatly increased for Angus cattle business and the demand for quality Angus genetics is intensifying. If the benefits of this cattle breed were not fully understood a few years ago in Roumania, the increased number of requests for pregnant cattle proves an increasing interest of farmers for pure-bred herds.


Karpaten Meat Group continues to support each partner and to maintain the direction of developing this type of business, constantly coming up with innovative solutions and bringing forward future strategies.