Cattle safety is very important in any action taken on the farm. During the entire period of transport or in the handling of cattle, work is done with maximum care, each step is carried out carefully from loading to unloading, without any kind of violence on the cattle.



To make sure we comply with the relevant legislation, our trucks are authorized, driven by experienced and authorized drivers, with specialist attestations for live animal transport.



In addition, the trucks are equipped with a GPS monitoring system that can permanently monitor speed, location of the truck or if the rear hatch is closed or open. Moreover, drivers ‘cabs are equipped with a special alert system to ensure that animals are constantly safe.



Regarding the documentation, when cattle deliveries are made, our drivers have always to them the most important documents: passports, certificates of origin in case of delivery of cattle with pedigree, CMR and the accompanying notice of wares, which is very important during the whole transport period).



Whether the cattle are delivered to our farmer partners, or we bring the animals from our farmer partners to our farm, we ensure maximum safety of animals during transport and conditions to reduce the stress of cattle caused by their move.