A new fattening centre was opened in partnership with the Karpaten Meat Group in the southern area of the country. Based on our support, our partners ensure the finishing of Angus calves, thus guaranteeing the closure of the production chain within the country.



The last years have meant substantial increases in the sale of Angus cattle carcasses both in Romania and on the European market. This increased market has led to the need to develop new cattle fattening points, thereby increasing production capacity.



Until now, the first link of the chain has been built, namely the development of high-quality genetics, by the development of breeding farms, attention is now directed to the cattle fattening power and the processing of the carcasses obtained.



Throughout the life of cattle, from calving to slaughter, the most important aspect is their feeding in a natural way, as healthy as possible. The last stage of animal feeding is as important as the grass-feeding itself throughout the entire life of the animals. Finishing requires clear, well-defined actions that have to be respected regarding their implementation progression and delivery dates in order to ensure efficient management and top-quality product.



The Karpaten Meat Group covers all stages of production (Angus breeding and calves fattening, sale of technical equipment needed for Angus farms and other complementary products, meat processing and marketing of Premium Angus beef in Romania and Western Europe).



More and more partners are interested in this successful system and want to get involved in our fattening centre project. For the success of this sector in Romania, KMG offers support and know-how at all stages, to those who want to join this complex system, with the common goal of increasing the number of Angus cattle fattened in Romania.