A new Angus beef pack has been launched by our online shop



For those who plan a party and know that nothing else can satisfy hunger better than a grill with friends, Premium Angus created   PARTY PACK. It contains 20 Angus beef burgers, already seasoned with salt and pepper, which after defrosting can be put directly on the grill.



Easy to order, to be transported and prepared outdoors, now burgers lovers can call their friends to a barbecue prepared for the tastes and preferences of everyone.



The Premium Angus Burger contains 100% Angus beef and is obtained of beef from front-quarter, neck, chest and back with a meat and fat ratio of 75% / 25%. There is no addition of tallow, because these pieces have themselves a high degree of fat.


The traceability of the cuts offered by the store ensures the guarantee of a responsible product – a locally produced beef, in a system that emphasizes animal welfare, respect for nature and balanced nutrition. The whole system of Premium Angus beef is closely controlled at each stage, so that the beef reaching the consumer’s plate is either fragrant and tender, but also has basic nutritional qualities for the body.



Order   PARTY PACK simply and fast in our online store!