On the 1st of June 2019, Karpaten Meat Group teams with the Polisano Foundation at the International Marathon Sibiu 2019!



Supporting a cause is often more valuable through human presence and resources than a simple sponsorship. A community needs its people and constancy to develop, not just funds. Since the beginning of a new year, Karpaten Meat Group has joined the Polisano Foundation in Sibiu by sponsoring the “Healthy Heart” project in Hârtibaci Valley, as well as supporting other causes initiated by them (from nutrition workshops for children from the Hârtibaci Valley, to educational projects in schools).



This year we run side by side to support projects with a real impact on the

Community from Sibiu.



On the occasion of IMS 2019, each employee of the Karpaten Meat Group has the opportunity to support the project being run by the Polisano Foundation or for which they are ambassadors, running on one of the races within the competition. (5 km, 10 km, 4 × 5,3 km – team relay, 21km, 42km). All initiation fees that will be fully taken over by the company will be redirected to one of these two causes.



  1. “Hygiene Caravan for Health – Children’s Hospital” – the project is submitted by the Polisano Foundation and aims to educate the children from Sibiu County schools (gymnasium cycle) to better hygiene, through play and demonstrations appropriate to their age. Learn more about it HERE



  1. We give the start in the Life “- a project supported by the Polisano Foundation, which aims to acquire a multi functional, portable dedicated neonathology device that provides cardiac ultrasound to the newborn for the early diagnosis of congenital heart malformations. Learn more about it  HERE



The International Marathon from Sibiu is the largest philanthropic running event in Roumania. This event gathers each year thousands of people who run for the implementation of dozens of projects for the development of the community from Sibiu and its surroundings.



Solidarity is catching and brings change! You can join Karpaten Meat Group even if you do not run! You can support any event runner on the event site. In this way you motivate him to finish the race and contribute to a project that transforms the city for the better!