During this period, spring activities begin at the Karpaten Meat Group, as in all cattle farms.



The cattle feeding facilities are verified out and the grazing parcels are arranged to ensure proper enclosure In some cases, parcels are crowded, each with an outlet to the watering sector, while stopping the animals to pass to other neighbouring parcels. If the grazing parcels are arranged in the area close to the river, special passage for animals to the running water will be made.



Animal groups will also be selected according to their typology and the cattle will be vaccinated In order to prevent bovine diseases when they are removed from the pasture, the animals must be dewormed and immunised by vaccination. Vaccinations are a major factor in maintaining the herd healthy and when properly used, it limits the occurrence of diseases and creates immunity to adult animals, but also to future calves through their mothers.



Angus cattle can harness the grass very efficiently (even on lower quality pastures, which allows them to be kept on pasture throughout the year.) Spring is the most recommended period of the year for the maintenance of vegetation, so in the farm the pastures are cleaned and the plants for the forthcoming feed season are sown on the fields.



All of these operations contribute to easy animal management, high productivity and efficient farm management.