The Angus breed is becoming more and more popular in Europe, and Angus is a growing brand in Transylvania. The management of our farm and the development system of this business, that we have implemented across the country, has attracted the appreciation of many foreign farmers. On every occasion, our farm has been host to those interested in applied management and how we have grown, since the first business of this kind in Romania,  into  the largest breeding farm in Europe.



Because development only comes through constant information, we are also open to experience exchanges and events that open up sales outlets or bring the most up-to-date information in the field.



Constructive meeting took place also within two large animal husbandry fairs in Hungary and the Czech Republic. At both events the experts dealt with topics such as genetics, reproduction of top-rated animals, innovation and efficient farm management, bringing to light the latest news in the field, and evaluated valuable cattle specimens from the two countries.



On this occasion, the Karpaten Meat Group, attending the two events, also visited partner farms in nearby locations and set up future meetings at the Marpod farm for those interested.