Health recommendations for Angus cattle are minimal and easy to follow, compared to those for other farm types. In order to apply them, each farmer must keep in close contact with the veterinarian of the herd and develop a strategic control program, according to the legislation in force and in accordance with the program of the veterinarian.



Pay special attention to the calves. The better the vaccination plan, the better the chances for the animal to grow healthy and have a high daily gain. Heifers and pregnant cows also need increased attention to reduce the incidence of diseases in the first few weeks of life of their calves.



Finally, after vaccinating the herds, a constant protection measure to be taken is the deworming of adult cattle every spring and autumn.



You can find here all the recommended health  actions for each stage of cattle life.



Although these treatments are a clearly established and fixed protocol for any herd, they are extremely important to ensure the health of cattle and the best conditions for their reproduction in order to obtain valuable products.



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