Initial Vocational Training (offered through vocational schools) is an area that is still little talked about in our country, despite the various programs developed in recent years and the clear benefits of such a system. Apparently, parents consider it more valuable to obtain a diploma, than to get a job.



Both students and parents need to consider the fact that training has changed greatly in recent years, and in many areas, companies not only want specialists but also encourage young craftspeople through diverse job opportunities or attractive posts.


Nowadays the agricultural and animal husbandry fields are extremely propitious for students who want to specialize in a trade. The continuous development of this sector in our country brings opportunities not only for companies, such as those focused on meat production, but also for young people willing to pursue a career in animal husbandry, as beef cattle are very promoted nowadays. Vocational training can provide a future for today’s children who can get a future job in a growing field in our country. Starting with the training offered in vocational school, they can end up fulfilling their passion successfully.


The first step in this direction is to make parents aware of the importance and benefits of vocational schools. It is also necessary to encourage the passions of young people and let them follow their passions; thud students interested in the field of animal husbandry should enroll at the agricultural technical colleges.

Mentalities are hard to change, but one must be informed, must understand opportunities and act, in order to find the proper job in the wright field, helping thus to put into operation a whole development engine.