A new quarantine stable is set up in the Karpaten Meat Group farm. It is intended for products purchased on the basis of partnership contracts.



Good management includes all the actions and endowments necessary for the smooth running of the business. Of all these, the most important factor in raising cattle is providing good raise conditions and health maintenance. In our case, all cattle transferred to our farm must undergo a quarantine process. This requires a full specialised veterinary inspection and, if necessary, appropriate treatment for each animal. Only after a period of 30 days when the cattle have adapted to the new environment and their health is normal, they can be assimilated into our herds.



Throughout the activity, Karpaten Meat Group provided advice to those who wanted to set up an Angus cattle farm and technical / logistic support during their development. Most importantly, however, it has given farmers a contractual guarantee to insure a outlet for products. This project has lowered partners’ investment risks and generated sinking costs. We will continue purchasing calves from our partners according to the contractual criteria, for the benefit of both parties.



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