Our beef Angus won the 1st prize in the “meat specialities” category at the fourth edition of the “Good taste hour” competition organised by RO.aliment. Through the presence of our collaborators, Craftsmen of Taste, the Angus rib eye, broiled on embers, impressed the tasters with its high quality and fine taste, getting the highest score in its category.



The competition took place on June 6, when a jury of gastronomy specialists named the winners from the list of those who joined the competition. Structured on more than 9 categories of products (dairy products, sweets, bakery, vegetables, fruit, meat, etc.) the event was dedicated to the Romanian food product, aiming to highlight the valuable products to the consumers through their remarkable quality.



The following criteria were taken into account: taste and smell, specific characteristic of each group (texture, clarity, etc.), aspect, but also the product datasheet. The score of the jury made up of specialists (food industry engineers, licensed tasters or nutritionists) accounted for 50% of the final result, half of the score being offered by consumers (be it participants in the event or those who filled in online forms )



The winners will wear the “Refined Taste” stamp on the labels and product packaging for a year, representing a high quality attestation and guarantee. Customers have the guarantee that the products are not appreciated only by them, but also by individuals qualified to decide what are the most special tastes of the year.