Starting this month, in order to best honour our livestock orders, Karpaten Meat Group now has a new truck for livestock transport, increasing the volume of shipments to our partner farms.



Cattle safety is very important in any action taken on the farm. During the entire period of transport or in the handling of cattle, work is done with maximum care, each step is carried out carefully from loading to unloading, without any kind of violence on the cattle.



Whether the cattle are delivered to our farmer partners, or we bring the animals from our farmer partners to our farm, we ensure maximum safety of animals during transport and conditions to reduce the stress of cattle caused by their move.



A growing development of this sector brings with it an increase in demand for Aberdeen Angus cattle. Thus, efficient farm management is more important than ever in order to keep cattle in good condition.



Throughout our business we have developed various ways to support farmers looking for a reliable development environment, offering them quality products.


Join the largest Angus network and become our partner. Angus’s top genetics develop alongside Karpaten Meat.