Even though the Angus breed is easily adaptable and does not require major investments, for a good management of the herd it is recommended to ensure the necessary good living conditions and the implementation of minimum technical equipment suitable for the farm, which improves the working time in animal care.



Why is mineralized salt important in the Angus cattle farm?

  • nutritional supplement for calves and adult cattle, contributing to average daily gain
  • it is used to optimally compensate for poor amounts of calcium in fodder or in pastures poor in nutrients
  • doses of minerals, micronutrients and vitamins A, D3 and adapted to the needs of the cattle
  • Ca : P : Na : Mg ratio = 16 : 4 : 9 : 4 ratio
  • 85 kg tank


Selenium has an important role in thyroid metabolism, ovarian and placental metabolism. A sufficient provision of selenium protects cells from oxidative damage and provides an intact immune system. Selenium deficiency can cause fertility problems and an increased number of somatic cells. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of selenium, the mineral salt for cattle contains the proper combination of selenium for ruminants. In addition to sodium selenite and sodium selenite protected from rumen, it also contains organic bonded selenium as selenium yeast. This triple combination ensures high-yield cows’ selenium, even under strong physiological pressure (during calving, first third of lactation period, etc.).


Our group of companies offers the full range of services and activities required for the Angus cattle production system, including minimum technical facilities for proper farm operation and maintaining animal health.