Karpaten Meat Group is preparing a new support program for Angus farms in the country. Starting this autumn, our partners will benefit from a KMG audit in which farmers, together with our colleagues, will be able to identify the needs of the owned business and the possibilities for streamlining the management applied, depending on the type of the received support.



Support may be needed to improve genetics, daily average gain, fodder, treatments, animal manipulation, registration, or other topics; as a result of this program our aim is that the activities of the visited farms increase and become more and more performant.



One of the main goals of the Karpaten Meat Group was, from the first year, to build a wide beef production network in all the country and to support its partners towards a mutually beneficial development.



Given that the livestock sector in our country is becoming more and more active and popular, more and more farmers are turning their attention to the development of a business with Aberdeen Angus cattle.



With a very high adaptability, Aberdeen Angus cattle can be raised in almost all region of our country, even in less-favoured areas in pastures. This can be a cost-effective option for those who have small pasture areas, but large and potentially cattle fodder crops. Angus cattle provide easy and efficient management, transforming the vegetable protein into beef, through grazing on the fields throughout the whole year.