An efficient management of Angus cattle farms also involves providing technical facilities. Once the plots are marked off, the electric fences are installed along the perimeter of the grazing area. They can be of two types – flexible fence with electric wire or fixed fence.



These electric fences are in no way dangerous for humans or animals, being effective for both domestic and wild animals. The electric shock is strong enough to be felt by the cattle without harming them, but only to train them to a minimum extent, in order not to leave the intended plots.



Electric fence installation for cattle:

“High Tensile” fence is suitable for cattle of all breeds, including Angus, and of all sizes. For the suckler cow husbandry system a three wired fence is needed. The 2.5 millimetres special wire is made of steel and therefore it can be stretched only very little. A wooden pillar is placed at a depth of 1.4 meters for the corners, curves, and where it is planned to install the gates of the pasture plots. Intermediate posts are mounted at a distance of 10 meters. Acacia wood is the most durable wood in Europe and survives for decades without chemical impregnation.



See here the accessories needed for installing a complete fence.

Our group of companies offers the full range of services and activities required for the Angus cattle production system. For good management of a cattle herd, appropriate technical equipment, tested over time, is needed along with top genetics, in order to help increasing the profitability of the Angus cattle farm.