Throughout our business, we have developed various ways to support farmers looking for a dependable development environment with quality products and thus people apply for our services.



We provided advice to those who wanted to set up an Angus cattle farm and technical / logistic support during their expansion. Most importantly, however, we gave farmers a contractual guarantee to ensure a product market. This project has lowered partners’ investment risks and reduced their costs. We continue offering support to our partners in the future as well by purchasing calves according to the contractual criteria.



Here are the conditions for purchasing Angus calves:

  1. Calves raised on suckler cow and free grazing on the pasture until weaning
  2. Weaning happens not earlier than 6 months
  1. Minimal weight at buy-back time is 200 kg and maximum 400 kg
  2. Prices offered vary according to calf quality. Grade definition according to calf quality can be found accessing this link
  1. Prices offered vary according to calf weight. The calf is weighed at our Karpaten Meat farm on approved weighing scales with a partner representative present.
  1. According to time of the year and established routes we can support transportation for a group of calves larger than 20 head
  2. Calves castration brings additional financial benefit to the customer



To become our partner or to benefit from the support of Karpaten Meat Group, contact us at info@karpaten-meat.com  or by phone at 0269/232 977.