With the growing popularity of Angus cattle business in our country and the Angus brand in Transylvania already worldwide known, an increasing number of visits are announced at the Karpaten Meat Group farm. From students of specialized universities and farmers interested in breeding this breed, to international specialists in animal husbandry and Angus beef production, they pass the threshold of the farm for an experience exchange.


The most recent visit at the Marpod farm was that of two representatives of A&M University Texas U.S.A. – teachers Reinaldo Cooke – nutrition specialist – and Ky Pohler – cattle breeding specialist.


During the first part of the day, together with the representatives of the Aberdeen Angus Romania Association, they toured the breeding and quarantine farms, discussing the system applied by KMG and the possibilities of performance improvement, taking as an example the procedures applied in Angus cattle farms in America.


In the second part of the day, the discussions focused on the second part of the process of obtaining Angus beef, that of fattening and finishing. The two guests were impressed by the way in which the farm from Sibiu managed to impose a certain quality standard at each stage of production and to support the implementation of this system at national level, through its partners. Although the road we are on is promising, as our experience shows, there is a substantial need for investment and support in this area, in order to close the production chain in our country. Only in this way and by developing the fattening and finishing stage Romania will be able to deliver a 100% quality product, which can be compared with the traditional ones from America, Argentina, Australia, etc.


On the occasion of this visit, we are glad that our activity is appreciated even by great world-wide specialists; in addition, we had the opportunity to receive precious information, based on which the livestock sector in Romania can grow.