In each established partnership, KMG is involved not only in guiding farmers towards the best options for their individual needs and possibilities, but also is trying to reduce the costs and difficulties faced by them on several levels.




One of the major benefits that farmers enjoy with being Karpaten Meat partners is the specialised transport of animals. This is achieved to the highest standards in all areas of the country, without incurring additional costs for farmers.




Whether we are talking about the delivery of cattle to partner farms or the purchase and redemption of the calves produced, the transport depends on various external factors (such as road infrastructure, keeping a moderate speed, avoiding precarious roads, etc.) that must be taken into account when planning and organising the necessary logistics. Ensuring optimal conditions for animals can make the transport process difficult, but for those who do not resort to specialised services the lack of these conditions may have an impact on the health of the animals. KMG undertakes the human and financial investment to ensure maximum quality throughout the cattle breeding process.




The KMG logistic strategy also includes the grouping of livestock to be delivered in the same area of the country or to be collected from farms located in the same area. Thus we try to meet the demands of farmers with a smaller number of cattle than the contract stipulates for.



In this whole set of factors involved in the transport services, a priority for KMG and its partners is the safety of the animals throughout their move: the animals are taken from the farm and loaded with great care, they are transported in optimal conditions to the destination, where they are carefully discharged, without any form of violence being exerted on them.



For more than 10 years KMG has been transferring its experience and knowledge of Angus cattle breeding to its partners, managing to create an extensive national network of Angus beef farms and trying to provide its partners with all the necessary conditions for developing farms to high standards.