In recent years, Angus cattle farms are growing in popularity in Romania. This is due to several factors such as the minimum investment required to start the business, the valuable genetics of these cattle, a high yield, the possibility of exploiting the agricultural lands hostile to cultivation, etc. The whole management (easily and efficient) is convincing more and more farmers to convert businesses focused on milk production or even to invest from the beginning in this breed.


For an effective start in this field, once you purchase a certain number of animals, we recommend professional technical equipment from Highland, already tested during our activity, which guarantees the safety and easy management of the cattle. Ensuring a safe breeding environment and a controlled way of working has a great impact on the health and relaxation of the cattle.


Our group of companies offers a full range of services and activities needed for the Angus cattle production system. All the technical equipment available in the Karpaten Meat Group farm can be viewed HERE. Those interested in purchasing them can contact us on +40 269 232 977 or email info@karpaten-meat.com .