The vocational training of young people starts from their passion, but for them to be able to make an important contribution in the chosen field, there is a need for a strong connection between the vocational schools and the business environment. Whether we’re talking about high schools or colleges, one of the biggest gaps felt by hundreds of graduates each year is the distance between the theoretical part of the years of study and the possibility of applying the concepts they learned. Most of them are suffering from a system failure at this stage which hardly brings valuable professional support.


In order to support the future talents of the agricultural and zootechnical area, Karpaten Meat, from the position of an important player in this sector, creates for the interested graduates an access bridge towards the work field.


In this regard, a partnership has been created with the Agricultural College “Daniil Popovici Barcianu”, Sibiu, in which we have a representative on the board of directors. Together we created for the students with performances the possibility to practice with Karpaten Meat on the farm and, depending on their specialization, to spend valuable time with our employees, in order to understand the responsibilities of the desired job, the daily difficulties, but also the rewards of a true professional.


Because it is important for our involvement to have continuity in each stage of training, we are present in the higher-profile academic environment. We enjoy a valuable partnership with Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, which annually finds an opening on our farm so that a certain number of students have a suitable environment for summer practice or internship.


We are also in touch with the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest – Faculty of Animal Husbandry, whose representatives visit us annually, together with a group of students interested in managing an Angus cattle farm and its development.


We are pleased to see an increasing openness for this sector among young people and a high interest in practising trades that have been overlooked until recently. The development of each branch (from the interest of more and more young people for animal husbandry to the opening of more and more farmers for raising Angus cattle and increasing the demand for Angus beef in Romania) makes us confident in the enormous potential that our country owns and in the successful road built by our farm throughout its’ activity.