The benefits of a business with Angus are attracting more and more popularity in our country and more and more farmers interested in this breed. Being a growing sector, which attracts new entrepreneurs, it is very important that with the increase of the volume the quality is maintained.


The most important factor that leads to efficient and cost-effective management but also to good results in terms of beef production is pure genetics, top animal genetics. This greatly influences each stage of production, which can guarantee success or lead to failure if not met.


A high-quality genetic profile guarantees a high conversion from grass to body mass, reducing the costs of maintaining the animals. Cattle mothers with recognized genetics have lighter calves and their calves enjoy more milk until they are weaned, at which point their body is already ready to withstand changes and diseases. Good genetics are also translated into the profitability of beef production and obtaining a marbled, aromatic, fragrant and constant product.


The development of each Angus farm separately and their success bring a general growth of the animal husbandry in Romania, ensuring benefits and increasingly optimal conditions for all who take part in this system. The capitalization of Romania’s potential for raising Angus cattle on unused pastures and maintaining the high-quality standard in cattle breeding will transform this area into a powerful national engine that will bring varied investment possibilities, more valuable support for farmers, the possibility of closing the chain of production in our country and not least, quality products, locally produced and internationally recognized.


This is the ideal of the Angus cattle business and all of them start from top genetics respected and appreciated by each farm.


Karpaten Meat Group continues to support each partner and maintain the direction of development of this type of business, constantly coming up with innovative solutions and discussing future strategies. We started the ANGUS beef cattle business in Romania. Join the Angus network and become our partner. Top Angus genetics develops alongside with Karpaten Meat.