First half of 2019, undertakings and achievements

During the years of activity and with the increasing development of the livestock sector in Romania, Karpaten Meat programs cover an increasing range of services for Angus farmers. We bring improvements to the internal system and constantly invest in the innovation of this field, creating more and more opportunities for partners. In this regard, important undertakings took place in the first half of 2019. 

Partnership programs

They cover a wide range of services (from reserving of pregnant cattle to leasing bulls or financing program for this field) trying to respond with punctual, efficient solutions, to situations encountered by Angus cattle farmers. In addition to this, we keep our promise of back-buying the produced calves, from the farms of our partners. Thus, due to our efforts to ensure a larger volume of purchases, we are pleased to see a noticeable percentage increase in the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year.



In order to better and more efficiently honour the promise of cattle sales to our partners, we increased the volume of transports, 85% of transports being made with our own trucks. All trucks in the Karpaten Meat transport fleet of live animals are authorized, driven by experienced and authorized drivers, having all certifications required.

New rooms for the cattle on the farm

Safety prevails in any activity on the farm. A new quarantine stable, for products purchased under partnership contracts, has been created at the Karpaten Meat Group farm. All cattle relocated to the farm must undergo a quarantine process before they can be assimilated into the herds of Kapaten Meat.



From now on, the focus is on the fattening power of the cattle and the processing of the carcasses obtained. A new cattle fattening centre has therefore been opened, in partnership with Karpaten Meat Group, in the southern part of the country. Benefiting from our support, the partners ensure the finishing stage of Angus calves, thus guaranteeing the closing of the production chain in the country.


Visits on the KMG farm:

As every year, since the beginning of the activity, the gates of our farm are open to visitors and we enjoy guests from various environments.


In the context of the European Summit 2019 in Sibiu, Romania foreign officials were present at the Karpaten Meat Group farm to see the business that set up the Angus production chain in Romania.


With the Sibiu Gastronomic Region 2019 program, one of the visits organized by the 16th meeting of the European Gastronomic Regions platform took place at the Angus KMG farm. Participants from the public, academia, business environments and NGOs from all European regions that have held this title since 2016, as well as those who will have the title until 2021, were present.


International specialists in animal husbandry and Angus beef production as well were our guests during this period. In addition to these, our location in Hârtibaci Valley frequently hosts students from speciality universities or curious students, farmers interested in growing this breed or beef lovers who want to find out about the entire Premium Angus beef production chain.


Local product, worldwide appreciation

Our efforts to maintain a high standard of Angus beef we produce have brought this year worldwide recognition for our Premium Angus Beef. It was awarded two silver medals and a bronze one at the World Steak Challenge. 



Our plans for the future are as ambitious as they have been so far. Although the road we are on is a promising one, there is a substantial need for investment and support in closing the production chain in the country. Only in this way and by developing the fattening and finishing stage will Romania be able to deliver a local product of 100% natural quality, which can be compared with the traditional ones from America, Argentina, Australia, etc. We, therefore, wish that by the end of the year we will have been accelerating the development of the fattening area and increasing the activity in the partner farms on this last stage.