Karpaten Meat Group is opening a new quaratine centre

Starting with September, Angus cattle purchased from the southern part of the country will be directed to the new quarantine centre, located in Arges County.


With the increase in the number of partners and the number of animals in the country, the need for quarantine centres is bigger and bigger, in order both to reduce the transport stress to which the cattle are subjected and to be able to ensure the necessary health standards for them. In addition to these major benefits, there is also the efficiency of transport logistics that will create a shorter and easier circuit of farms in the neighbouring territories.


In the future, Karpaten Meat Group‘s goal is to open one such centre in each major region of the country.


For more than 10 years KMG has been transferring its experience and knowledge to Angus cattle, breeding and cattle to its partners, managing to create an extensive national network of Angus beef production farms and trying to provide its partners with all the necessary conditions for developing some farms. to high standards.