Karpaten Meat supports the # We Grow Romania Bio initiative

Last week we received the visit of 12 culinary bloggers who were in the Food Camp organized this year in Păltiniș / Sibiu. Under the umbrella Creștem România Bio (We grow Romania Bio), organized in three teams, the bloggers trained for 6 days in the second edition of this event, where they cooked, learned, tested and experimented various recipes of traditional dishes, inspired by Chef Joa Daniel.


On one of the days in the camp they visited the Karpaten Meat farm where for several hours guests could discover our farm, the Angus cattle, their way of growing and farming, enjoyed the fresh air from the pastures of the Hârtibaci Valley and also found out details about Angus beef produced in Transylvania, its marketing and the role of locally produced Angus beef on these pastures. During the farm visit, we showed them examples of good practice in our field and the involvement of our company in the development of local gastronomy. The guests discussed topics related to gastronomy and discovered the taste, tenderness and juiciness of the Premium Angus beef.


After tasting Angus beef on the farm, together with the chef Joa Daniel, the bloggers prepared a BIO culinary demonstration in Sibiu Square for 300 people. They cooked the recipes of Joa Daniel, using products from local producers, including a hot potato salad, dried tomatoes, pickled onions and Angus beef from our farm, as the main ingredient.


From the position of a local producer of a high-quality product, our main desire is to contribute to the creation of a gastronomic culture regarding beef in Romania and to facilitate the access of consumers to these local products, 100% natural, obtained through a fully controlled process with complete traceability.