The “Angus Business Forum Moldova” zootechnical conference

On 20.09.2019, in Iasi, at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Iasi, there will be held the Zootechnical Conference “Angus Business Forum Moldova”. It is organized under the auspices of the University of Veterinary Medicine Iași and takes place with the help of Karpaten Meat Group and Agricover IFN Romania partners.


With an informative and commercial character for the Angus beef cattle sector in Romania, “Angus Business Forum Moldova” is an important zootechnical conference for the North-East region, being the meeting place of the agricultural leaders in the region.


The event is dedicated to teachers, veterinarians, engineers, economic representatives of the central and local public authorities in the zootechnical field as well as representatives of the local business environment, who will present their experiences on the internal and external markets, in order to boost Romanian farms for business with Aberdeen Angus cattle.


It aims to increase the understanding of the development potential of this region in the field of beef cattle breeding and to involve in a complex debate on this subject those who are interested in Angus cattle business. In the sessions of the event, there is the possibility of direct interaction between all participants in order to clarify the issues of interest on the topics discussed as well as the opportunities for cooperation.


Our team will be present and invite all those interested in the development of the livestock sector to attend the conference.