We encourage and support future generations in all our undertakings. In the animal husbandry field, we are involved in the development and education of pupils and students; in the community where our farm operates, we are involved in projects that contribute to the health of children, offering medical consultations and life-saving interventions, but our involvement does not stop here.


Because we want to support a healthy lifestyle and a natural, correct and balanced diet, we are present in various projects that contribute to the education of children and their harmonious development, including sports events, because the inclusion of physical activity in the children’s program is the first step to a healthy life.


This autumn the Karpaten Meat Group team had the opportunity to support the children from Sibiu who practice two very demanding sports – horse riding and judo.


We were present at the “National Jumping Competition over the Obstacles – Great Prize of the City of Sibiu”, to support the city’s junior team. In the national ranking, the team from Sibiu has been in the first place for 10 years, in the last 20 years never leaving the podium, and at European level, has won 2 Balkans’ competitions.


Although until recently riding was a sport almost unknown to the general public, it is becoming more and more popular, registering both an increase in the number of sports bases in the country and the number of athletes affiliated with them.


We also sponsored the XXV edition of the International Judo Tournament “Temerarul Cup”. The event is aimed at performance athletes (junior and senior) and is included in the official calendar of the Romanian Judo Federation. This year’s edition brought together approximately 150 athletes from clubs within the country and abroad (from countries such as Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, etc.).


Karpaten Premium Angus promotes the performance of athletes by giving them access to a quality product: Premium Angus beef, a key element of a healthy diet, source of protein, vitamins and nutrients for muscles and bones, so necessary in the diet of athletes.