Romanian farmers have understood the need for top Angus genetics and have begun to focus on quality in all decisions, from the purchase of cattle to the technical equipment or practices of breeding animals.

The benefits of a business with Angus are attracting more and more popularity in our country and more and more farmers interested in this breed. Being a growing sector, to maintain the upward trend, it is very important that, with the increase of the volume, the interest in efficient management is maintained.


A high-quality genetic profile guarantees a high conversion from fodder to body mass, easy calving and minimal need for human intervention in all stages of the cattle breeding, reducing the costs of maintaining the animals and making the farm profitable.


Analyzing your resources, however, before starting this business is vital in creating a purchasing strategy. Depending on the location, natural resources, investment power, desire to expand, etc., the number of cattle from the future herds, a breeding program for them can be correctly established and the prospects of a retail market can be found.


Since one of our main objectives since we started this type of business in Romania is to create a sustainable national network, we continue to support entrepreneurs in the field, providing them with the know-how achieved during the activity and a favourable environment for business development.


Join the Angus network and become our partner. Top Angus genetics develops along with Karpaten Meat.