As a local producer of a high-quality product, our main desire is to contribute to the creation of a gastronomic culture regarding beef in Romania and to facilitate the access of consumers to these local products, 100% natural, obtained through a fully controlled process with complete traceability.


Given the high-quality products we always deliver, our focus is on developing concepts and projects with our partners. Within the HoReCa partnerships, we propose to diversify the offer (to add creative preparations, from lesser-known pieces, besides the famous steaks), we help the local staff with information about the products they market, we contribute to the communication that our partners develop and we are actively involved in culinary events.


For those who want to consume high-quality beef, they can taste Angus beef (or Black Angus as it is known in Romania), in restaurants all over the country. We collaborate with various restaurants in the country, both high volume and some gourmet (smaller capacity) but which use only local products. Our interest is that each partner should benefit from the value brought by Angus beef, to have the opportunity to provide customers with exceptional preparations, based on healthy, tasty and reliable ingredients. Also, for beef lovers to have the opportunity to consume a premium product, locally and internationally recognized for its qualities.


We started the ANGUS beef cattle business in Romania. The purpose of the Karpaten Meat Group companies is to lay the foundation for a quality ANGUS beef production network.


See HERE the list of restaurants in the country where you can order Angus beef produced in Romania.