Not only high-quality genetics ensure a premium finished product

Although the road we are on is promising, there is a substantial need for investment and support in closing the production chain in our country. Only in this way and by developing the fattening and finishing stage Romania will be able to deliver of a high-quality local product 100% natural, which can be compared with the traditional ones from America, Argentina, Australia etc.


If until now the activity of Angus cattle farms in Romania has been focused on the development of high-quality genetics and valuable herds from this point of view, now the focus is on maintaining the standards on the beef production stage as well.


Although the Angus breed is one that requires minimal investment, observing the characteristics of each stage of breeding, finishing and fattening cattle is the only thing that can lead to a high-quality product. It is therefore vital to respect the conditions under which each activity is carried out: weaning, extensive breeding on pasture, gradual feeding, finishing, etc.


Only by careful management of these activities and by observing the time intervals between them, so that the stages can be carried out naturally, the producer can reach a premium product, recognized worldwide for its qualities.