Aberdeen Angus breed’s development in Romania


A high-quality genetic profile guarantees a high conversion from fodder to body mass, easy calving and minimal need for human intervention in all breeding stages of the cattle, reducing the costs of taking care of the animals and making the farm profitable.


During this autumn, the Karpaten Meat Group supported several Romanian farmers in the acquisition of new genetic lines of the Aberdeen Angus breed.


On the one hand, their participation in the Aberdeen Angus Sale in Germany is important on an individual scale, the participating farms taking part in one of the most important events of this kind in Europe, having the opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs in the same field, to see extremely valuable specimens of the Angus breed and to take new steps towards their development.


On the other hand, however, their presence and the acquisition of the superior genetics that was subsequently brought to the country, is of great importance in the diversification of the genetic lines present on the territory of the country, facilitating the attainment of the maximum potential for breed development in Romania.


In the long term, these acquisitions result in increasing the genetic value of breeding cattle in our country and improving the characteristics of the breed present on the territory of the country, in order to obtain and maintain higher-quality products (both for breeding and beef production).