The first visit to support the production development of the partner farms Karpaten Meat Group

In November, the first visit was held to support the development of the production of partner farms Karpaten Meat Group by applying farm management. The purpose of this pilot project is to standardize the production of calves and ensure the necessary quality for the partnership program. This was the first meeting of its kind, following that in 2020 this pilot program will be applied at the request of partner farms.



During this visit, our specialist together with a veterinarian as well as the veterinarian of the partner farm carried out actions in order to identify the cattle, control the gestation, divide the herd in lots, castrate the calves and administrate prophylactic treatments needed at that time for each category. As a result of the actions carried out in the partner farm, a direction of the further development of the farm was ensured for the next 6 months, thus avoiding problems such as inbreeding, deaths of the calves, feeding problems and not least cost efficiency. Moreover, through these actions, through the presence of the local doctor, as well as the staff on the farm, an information exchange useful for both parties was made.



These corrective actions have been applied with the purpose of a good farm management to obtain quality products necessary for the partnership program, as well as a profitable business for the farmer.



This is a new support program dedicated to our partners. If until now we have come to their support through various opportunities for sale or purchase, in order to be able to have quality genetics, this year, following the desire of several partners of ours, we offer applied support, on each farm separately.



From now on our partners will benefit from a Karpaten Meat Group audit in which the farmers, together with our colleagues, will be able to identify the needs of their business and possibilities of streamlining the applied management, based on the punctual support received.



Every business, irrespective of field of activity, has certain main characteristics which, if respected, can prove enormous potential and a successful future. Through this new program we want to ensure that, after building a national network of entrepreneurship in the field, we ensure with them a valuable development of farms, through genetics and actions ensuring quality.