Karpaten Meat Group joins partner Sergiana to raise funds for the paediatrics ward of the hospital in Făgăraș

The Sergiana Group crowns the 25th anniversary of a successful activity through a charity ball, to raise the necessary funds to equip the paediatrics section of the municipal hospital in Făgăraș.


This section moves to another renovated sector of the hospital, the necessary funds being provided by the town hall. Unfortunately, in the public funds, there is no money for equipping the pediatric ward of the hospital.


More than 15 companies took part in this humanitarian project, as partners and sponsors, also people willing to help with their own incomes: over 300 people made reservations or bought invitations to the ball.


The event was also attended by mayors from Făgăraș and Brașov. They spoke about the importance of equipping the Făgăraș paediatrics department with the necessary equipment and wanted to express their appreciation for the efforts of Sergiana.


A raffle was organized during the event and the money raised on this occasion will be used to arrange the playground within the paediatric ward.


Karpaten Meat Group has joined its partner in this commendable initiative, encouraging people not to stand aside. For our children who deserve more!