The Premium Angus beef appreciated by visitors to Anuga 2019, Köln

Given the experience of over 10 years that Karpaten Meat Group has in beef production, the recipe success formula for high quality recognised in an international culinary show consists in interlacing three principles: swiss know-how, integrated production system and quality in all stages of production.



One of the programs that had been presented to the visitors at the international food fair, Anuga 2019, was the culinary show organised by Karpaten Meat Group in partnership with the Moldovan Butchery from Cluj-Napoca. Our partner chefs cooked Premium Angus sirloin, tenderloin and beef cheeks and spectators at the culinary show had a taste of the prepared cuts, confirming the quality of the Aberdeen Angus beef from the Karpaten Meat Group farms.



There was also talk about how to recognize a high-quality beef and the decisive factors in obtaining it. Our beef is natural and comes from grass-fed Angus cattle bred in an extensive system. The specific tenderness and taste are given by the high degree of marbling, as well as by the substantial layer of fat that envelops the carcasses, which is an essential condition for dry-ageing.



The premium quality is the result of a whole beef production process, which is based first of all on top genetics, supplemented by the way of raising and feeding the animals and, last but not least, by the dry-ageing process.



Ne bucurăm că încă o dată carnea de vită Premium Angus de la Karpaten Meat Group a fost recunoscută la nivel internațional, iar de această dată, în cadrul celui mai mare eveniment de profil, Târgul Internațional Anuga 2019, Köln.



We are glad that once again our Premium Angus beef has been internationally appreciated, this time within the largest profile event, the Anuga International Fair 2019, Köln.