Angus – from concept to finished product

Responsible and informed consumption of food is not only a desire of the producers but also a tendency observed among the young generation, for whom it is important to know the quality of the products they consume and their traceability.


The answer to this new request is simple: ANGUS!


Karpaten Meat developed on the pastures of Transylvania a system for breeding Angus cattle and committed to producing high-quality beef in harmony with nature.


Since 2008, since the first farm established on the Hârtibaci Valley, it has developed both its own cattle farm and a system of partnership farms with farmers from all over the country. Thus, a network with more than 60,000 thousand heads of Angus cattle was developed and cattle are registered in the genealogical register, supporting a strong and environmentally protected agriculture. Nowadays, in their farms, there have been over 9000 heads in all production systems. With the development of farms, the whole structure of related activities has been developed: personal training, agriculture, farm management, logistics, processing and marketing.


To be always up to date with the best practices and the most effective management solutions, the Karpaten Meat team is informed, keeps in touch with the best professionals in the field and organizes specialized training implementing the acquired know-how in partner farms.


At the same time, the recognition and reward of local products represent a major opportunity for our country, putting Romania on the map of quality producers and promoting internationally the brand Angus from Transylvania – a beef produced in Europe, for Europe.


From the position of a local producer of a high-quality product, our main desire is to contribute to the creation of a gastronomic culture regarding beef in Romania and to facilitate the access of consumers to these local products, 100% natural, obtained through a fully controlled process with complete traceability.