Mineral salt for cattle

Healthy and performing animals should be provided with nutrition that meets their needs. This rule is especially valid for the supply of minerals, vitamins and trace elements.


And because grass on the pastures does not provide all the necessary nutrients, Angus cattle breeders must supplement the cattle fodder with mineral salt blocks for cattle. It contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, iron, manganese, cobalt, as well as vitamins A, D3 and E.


When administering mineralized salt:

The mineral salt should be administered regardless of the season, the minerals being permanently important for maintaining the health of the cattle. That is why it has to be made available like water.


The role of the mineral salt in the feeding of Angus cattle:

– it compensates for the poor rations in calcium and minerals, on the poor pastures in nutrients: pastures with flora lacking diversity or in cold seasons, when the grass is not in vegetation;

– stimulates the appetite and contributes implicitly to the daily gain; in the absence of this nutritional food supplement, the appetite of the animals decreases, which implies a slowing down of the development of the calves;

– supports lactation: an increased feed ration means not only daily gain but also the increase in the quantity and quality of milk for the cows with suckling calves: calves will be able to feed and raise healthy calves;

– supports fertility: selenium deficiency can cause fertility problems and an increased number of somatic cells;

– strengthens the immune system: selenium is a powerful antioxidant; a sufficient amount of selenium protects the cells from oxidative damage and provides an intact immune system.


To ensure the effectiveness and safety of selenium, the mineralized salt for cattle contains a specific selenium combination for ruminants. In addition to sodium selenite and rumen-protected sodium selenite, this salt also contains organically bound selenium in the form of selenium yeast. This triple combination ensures the supply of selenium for high-performance cows, even under the strong physiological pressure that appears during the birth, in the first third of lactation, etc.


Karpaten Meat Group offers you this cattle-specific salt and offers as a presentation form 85 kg salt pans, which, in addition to the combination of selenium salts, contains the other minerals in the ideal ratio for the feeding needs of cattle: Ca: Q: Na: Mg = 16: 4: 9: 4.


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