Calving ease on the Angus cattle farm


The first calving season of this year is coming to an end and we are enjoying, as in other years, easy calving of the mother cows. For this reason, we chose the Angus breed, given that calving is a difficult time in breeding animals, both for animals, whose health is tested and for the breeder, who must assist them and often ensure the presence of a veterinarian. As a result, easy calving involves easy herd management and low maintenance costs.



Easy calving is conditioned by two factors alike: the female’s pelvic conformation and the size of the calf at birth. On the one hand, Angus females are characterized by a wide pelvic cavity, but with a fine skeleton, and on the other hand, calves are small by the time of calving, weighing between 30 and 35 kg. This leads to a decrease in mortality, both among mothers and among calves.



In addition to these breed-specific genetic traits, in order to enjoy the benefits of easy calving, Angus cattle breeders must consider another essential condition: ensuring the health of the pregnant cattle. Healthy cattle need hygienic shelter conditions and nutrient-rich fodder; the silo must be supplemented with mineralized salt to provide the animals with the necessary minerals and vitamins during periods of strong physiological pressure, such as those during calving and the first third of lactation.



Once these conditions are met, Angus cattle will be able to realize their genetic potential and be able to give birth unassisted on pasture; subjected to a minimum level of stress, they will be able to take care of the newborn calf and to integrate the herds of lactating cattle, having from the beginning sufficient milk production.



The Angus breed, as a beef breed, is recognized for its characteristics of high conversion of the fodder to body mass, resistance to extreme weather conditions, but also through easy calving. Let us not forget, however, that in order to have healthy pregnant cattle with easy calving, the farmers who own them must focus on the quality genetic profile of breeding cattle, in constituting the Angus cattle herd. Karpaten Meat Group offers for sale Angus breeding cattle, heifers for reproduction and bulls with top genetics.