The Aberdeen Angus breed -12 years later, still a real business opportunity

The Aberdeen Angus breed is worldwide appreciated both by gourmets who love the aroma and tenderness of this meat, as well as by cattle farmers, for the minimum maintenance requirements necessary to raise the cattle. Due to the significant evolution of the breed in recent years and the growing demand for high-quality meat from Romania on the European market that has not stagnated even in this time of crisis, more and more farmers are choosing the path of growing this breed. The benefits of raising Angus cattle in an extensive system are also convincing, in the favourable conditions offered by Romania’s natural resources.


Această popularitate crescută a business-ului cu bovine Aberdeen Angus ajută la creșterea unei piețe bogate în beneficii și oportunități pentru fermieri. Bovinele Angus asigură un management ușor și eficient, transformând proteina vegetală în carne, într-un sistem de creștere pe pășune, la aer, pe tot parcursul anului. Un profil genetic de calitate garantează o conversie ridicată din furaje în masă corporală, fătări ușoare și necesitate minimă de intervenție umană în toate etapele de creștere a bovinelor, reducând costurile de întreținere a animalelor și aducând profitabilitate fermei. Acest lucru a dus la răspândirea rasei în toate colțurile țării, pornind de la câteva exemplare în 2008 și ajungând la peste 69.000 de capete înscrise în Registrul Genealogic al rasei în momentul de față, la nivel de țară.


During these years Karpaten Meat has developed many projects to support entrepreneurs in the field and various financing programs have been implemented to encourage investment in this sector.


For those interested, there is, for example, the possibility of purchasing bulls on lease or the possibility of reserving pregnant cattle for the autumn period, when demand is so high that the herds for sale are rapidly depleted. There are also non-banking institutions, specialized exclusively in financing Romanian agriculture and animal husbandry, which build personalized investment offers, depending on the potential and needs of each farm. The market is also increasingly competitive, and through programs such as the purchase of calves, farms such as Karpaten Meat are contractually obliged to purchase produced calves, thus ensuring decision mobility for partner farmers.


12 years after the first import of Aberdeen Angus cattle in Romania, this business is still a profitable one, the country’s potential being still bidding given that only 15 head of cattle are fed on 100 native hectares, while In Ireland, for example, there are 130 heads per 100 hectares. This development potential is still preserved, so many years later, the resources of this country are not even close to being exploited to full capacity.