The advantages of natural resources for Romanian farmers are primarily the unfarmed pastures and the country’s natural water resources. Suckler cow husbandry is very easy to practise in Romania given the large areas of grassland available.

Therefore, the Angus breed is ideal and well-adapted to the grasslands in this area, with a very good beef yield in a natural way, with minimal additional feed.  The Angus breed adapts easily to the Balkan climate and is resistant to both cold and intense heat. Even so, there are still some conditions that need to be met for efficient foraging, especially in extreme cold.

We have chosen the Angus beef breed because it is extensive and hardy, easily adaptable to any conditions:

  • The Angus beef breed is suited for extensive cattle husbandry
  • Angus cattle are easy to rear and have a long life expectancy
  • Coat colour: red or black
  • Hornless
  • Extremely robust,  hardy and adaptable to temperature range of -40°C to +40°C
  • Precocious: age at first mating: 14-15 months (min. 350kg)
  • Age at first calving: 24-27 months
  • Excellent feed efficiency for both pasture grass and low-quality grass
  • Easy calving
  • Fertility: 1 calf /year, gestation period of 9 months
  • Weaning of calves after 8-10 months
  • High daily weight gain of 1000-1300g through extensive feeding
  • Weight: Bulls: 800-1000 kg Cows: 550 – 700 kg
  • High carcass yield

Genetics on our farm

A high yield in an extensive cattle husbandry system demands, besides appropriate production technology, suitable genetics. Therefore, the challenge is “an efficient premium pasture-based beef production”. We constantly run performance tests besides the standard tests, and we use additional selection methods like ultrasound measurement of eye muscle area and genetic testing procedures concerning tenderness, marbling and efficient bovine foraging.

Our team works with partners abroad and carries out artificial insemination and embryo transfer, the selection being based on the global gene pool of the Angus breed. To us precision genetics represents “Balance”, and an Angus with balanced build and features represents our genetic ideal. We avoid extremes and individual features and favour harmonious bovine animals with balanced features. Genetically improved animal lines are given special attention to ensure continuity in passing on performance. In this way we can offer our customers trustworthy Angus genetics for an efficient calves rearing in suckler cow husbandry.