The breeding farm in Nocrich was the first farm established since the beginning of our company’s operations in 2008. From rundown stables to unweeded and untended pastures, the current platform of our breeding farm includes several stables, straw and hay storehouses, a treatment platform, car fleet for tractors and agricultural machinery, and several summer and winter stables on grassland, especially designed for the Angus breed.

The Angus bovine population on the breeding farm has risen from 120 head in 2008,  to more than 3000 head currently. From three people in 2008 there is now a whole team of specialists looking after the cattle and tending to their well-being.


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2008, autumn – Acquisition of first stable in the Biopark on 15 hectares – the future Angus breeding farm

2009 – 2010 – Clearing, renovation works, building of infrastructure, stables, water and electricity systems and the creation of the whole infrastructure needed on a cattle rearing farm

2010 – Winter foraging in the new stables

2014 – Development of loose housing for the winter season

Since 2009 up to now … land subdivision, building fixed fences on grasslands, water access, grassland management