Premium beef and low maintenance costs through extensive fattening. Cattle fattened on grassland are a good alternative to conventional fattening through housed feeding. For Karpaten Meat, fattening on grassland is an essential condition for producing premium beef. Extensive fattening reduces the rearing effort. In this way cattle management is easier and costs are lower compared to the more common intensive rearing practices.

The latest Karpaten Meat farm is located in Alțâna. This farm is in an ongoing process of expansion and modernization and houses fattening and sales cattle. The current average cattle population constantly on the farm is around 2500 head, and includes fattening calves from our own farm, as well as from partners.


The farm in Alțâna specializes in the fattening of Angus calves both from our Karpaten Meat farm and from our partners, aiming for a calves fattening with a high average daily weight gain and efficient feeding, as well as maintaining the Angus cattle population healthy with minimal effort.

Calves fattening takes place at three finishing stages. For optimal results we apply a mixed feeding strategy both on grassland and in special Angus cattle housing facilities at the last finishing stage.


Our farm in Alțâna produces and delivers for slaughter Angus calves finished according to quality standards imposed by the customer. Through an appropriate herd management the cattle can be managed efficiently and qualitatively, through optimizing processes, and an infrastructure adapted to Angus breed needs. Through constant testing and analysis the right forage and forage recipe can be established according to age and grade.