Starting with 2013 we have started modernization work on the fattening stables in Alțâna. Six existing stables have been renovated and rebuilt since then, creating special conditions for the Angus breed according to breed management norms. The biggest investment was establishing a newly-built stable, a quarantine centre. This stable is an open one, made of concrete and wood, housing 500 bovine head.

This stable is also going to function as a calves collection centre for Angus or cross-bred Angus bovines (with Romanian Pied Simmental). The quarantine, weighing, vaccination and selection of purchased calves will take place in this stable, after which they will be distributed to other stables for finishing.  In Alțâna, where this new building is located, there are several other stables with a total capacity of 2000 head, this being Karpaten Meat’s third farm.

2013 – Beginning of renovation work at the fattening calves stables

The beginning of 2014 marked the finishing of the calves quarantine centre, housing 500 calves

2014 – Building feed lots and technical facilities necessary on a fattening farm for weighing, treatment and pest control.

2015 – Building outdoor housing for calves finishing with enough space to roam to create intramuscular fat.