Our beef is produced from selected cattle grazing the best grass on Romanian pastures and, at finishing stage, fed on natural forage produced on our farm. With a passion for farming and animal husbandry that can be traced back to Swiss tradition and know-how, our beef is recognized for its flavour, tenderness and quality.

The Angus breed is one of the few breeds genetically developed for beef production alone. Therefore, extensive marbling, a firm texture and even carcass fat cover are traits that make Angus cattle stand out, ensuring the consumer a variety of premium beef products.  Premium Angus has excellent taste and texture, a beef you can trust and savour bit by bit.

Our meat is beef served in Germany and Switzerland in luxury restaurants and gourmet butcheries where top cooks, butchers and master chefs need excellence in quality, taste, tenderness and can rely on consistency and full control through traceability. Our beef comes from 17-24 months Angus calves and is sold fresh. The cattle are directly transported  from our farms to the slaughterhouse, afterwards the carcasses being directed to the processor, to be cut according to specifications. The entire beef production process is fully controlled through certification systems. Our beef meets the highest Angus quality standard.