Natural beef

Throughout the year the cattle are kept on grassland, being able to graze grass, clover, alfalfa alternatively, according to their bodily needs. During winter, their feeding includes natural forage and supplements from different silos. Our beef are reared in a sustainable way. As they are grazing, the cattle also accomplish most of the soil fertilization work, spreading nutrients for the next grass crop.


Stress-free beef

Beef quality is also a result of the way the cattle are treated all along their growth. Being raised in a stress-free environment, the cattle remain calmer,  are easier to handle, and as a result we obtain an end product of much higher quality.


Healthy beef

Our beef meets the demands of premium beef consumers: a healthy product obtained under safe conditions, which can be savoured with trust. During their growth the cattle are not administered antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or sub-products of animal origin. At the finishing stage we supplement foraging with a small amount of cereal to increase marbling and ensure a clean, white fat.

Marbled beef

“Marbling” is the name of those fine fat lines that are melting during food preparation, tendering the meat and giving it’s unique flavour. Marbling is a genetic trait also intensified through the finishing method. Intramuscular fat has an essential role in ensuring beef quality from the beginning of maturation, by tendering muscle fibre.



Beef from controlled processing

The entire beef production process is fully controlled through the Quality Guaranteed certification system by Angus Group. Within our Angus cattle rearing programme, carcass grading is consistent, thus ensuring high marbling and premium quality that meets consumer demand.


Matured beef

To obtain maximum quality, we achieve and recommend a maturation in a dry environment. Dry maturation presupposes that the carcass or main carcass parts be kept hung from hooks at a temperature close to freezing point, over a period of 18 to 21 days, to fully maximize all beef quality criteria.