Our business group provides a whole range of services and activities necessary for the ANGUS cattle production system, starting from identifying potential and project analysis, as well as support in its early stage and in its development, up to support in beef production.


Identifying  potential refers to identifying the key factors and defining the stages necessary for project implementation.


Support in the early stage refers to project analysis through defining the development environment, permit granting for adequate infrastructure, providing consultancy regarding the necessary quality and quantity of Angus breeding cattle, designing a business plan, identifying investment needs, as well as investment costs and cash-flow.

Angus cattle supply for establishing the breeding cattle population and providing the infrastructure requested for the project are integral parts of its implementation stage. Together with our own team of professionals we provide assistance in raising Angus cattle, as well as supervising the implementation of each project stage.


As the project is being implemented its beneficiary becomes an Angus beef cattle producer, meeting the highest quality standards, and so becoming part of a European-wide beef distribution network.


To conclude, what we do is transfer our experience and know-how in this field to our partners, the know-how being the driving force behind system expansion.

We provide you with the following services:

Quarantine, certified origin and pedigree

Complete quarantine services

Quarantine farm authorized for cattle export/import operations in the European Union and countries outside the EU.  The facilities at our cattle collection farm are at the European standard, and our own trucks destined for live cattle transportation ensure the necessary comfort of the animals throughout. We can provide complete services regarding quarantine: preparing cattle for the import/export operations (legal quarantine period is 21-30 days, depending on country of origin).


All cattle are evaluated by a professional veterinary surgeon to ensure adequate health state and quality care. During quarantine we ensure complete and appropriate cattle foraging according to grade, age, weight, so that the animals gain weight after leaving our centre. During quarantine we ensure all necessary health tests, depending on the export requirements in each country. We also provide cattle delivery services.

Animal management

Regular consultancy and coordination from experts in cattle rearing and treatment.

An adequate Angus herd management can create significant differences among farms. Important aspects like: preparation of grasslands, selecting the cattle population for breeding, breeding period, calving period (identification, ear-tagging, castration), weaning period, recommended treatments and pest control, foraging during winter, as well as correct herd book keeping are some of the elements ensuring the success of an Angus farm.

Agricultural management

Producing cattle forage

Nutrition plays an important role in any cattle rearing system (extensive or intensive). Without correct nutritional balance, the cattle will not gain enough weight and peak yield cannot be reached. Our team can provide guiding on nutritional needs, in all cattle grades, for your farm, in order for it to achieve the highest productivity level and profit. This service allows workers to manage not only cattle population but also the leased lands more efficiently. In this way, the final goal is to obtain a premium product, increase profit and significantly reduce labour.

Cattle health management

Optimal cattle health management

For optimal cattle health management we recommend setting up a veterinary programme to combat and prevent risks frequent on cattle rearing farms. Once this is implemented, there will be a significant rise in the yield, sustainability and profitability of an animal farm.

Farm management

Support in building your own farm

Farm management refers to carrying through projects from concept all the way to project implementation. All projects will be treated individually according to your request. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to set up an Angus cattle farm from A to Z, and, perhaps most importantly, we have the best partners to accomplish each stage of the project. What recommends us is the multitude of projects completed both in Romania and abroad.

Education and training

Education and training

Our principles offer a framework that guides the way we think and act. They help us maintain our identity through thick and thin. We show respect to everyone. The interests of the company and those of the individual are inseparable. We focus strategically on our work. Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. We focus abroad. We cherish personal development. We try to be the best. The individual-company interdependence is a way of life. We aim to build and maintain an organizational structure equally based on values and performance. Embedding values in our culture means the need for clearly formulated principles practised daily by all company employees. These are the support principles and behaviours that are derived from our aim and values.


On customers’ request we can organize workshops, seminars and conferences on various topics regarding an Angus cattle business. Education and training on our farm can be free or for a fee depending on the type of education/training, its duration, field, requirements, etc. Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience in this field.