Karpaten Meat provides you with the experience in raising ANGUS cattle and advises you on building a sustainable ANGUS cattle farm.



How does the program work?

  1. Contact Karpaten Meat to schedule a visit to our farm.
  2. Making the price offer and choosing the right option for you.
  3. Selection of the desired cattle.
  4. Conclusion of the partnership contract and fixing the prices for the buy-back of weaned calves.
  5. Karpaten Meat prepares the cattle and the necessary documents (pedigree, quarantine, analyses and vaccinations) for pick up.
  6. Grow and care ANGUS cattle and produce your own calves.
  7. Karpaten Meat purchases produced calves, weaned between 6-12 months, according to the conditions stipulated in the contract.


Advantages of the program:

By contract, we guarantee the buying-back of calves produced according to the conditions specified in the contract. Calves should be udder fed by their mother for at least 6 months before being bought. The calf buy-back guarantee reduces the partner’s risks and provides it with a cost-effective market. Investments are thus amortised in a relatively short time and at the same time our partner is confident in his income, being exempt from extra costs for feed and labour.



  1. Funding from 66,000 euros for the purchase of 30 crossbred heifers + one Angus bull.
  2. Funding from 66,000 euros for the purchase of25 Angus pregnant heifers.


Advantages of the program:

  • the program provides all the farmers with support both for the purchase of animals and for covering the current expenses on the farm (food, medical care, utilities …). 
  • the benefits of such a program provide the possibility of fast and secure financing, flexible reimbursement, maturity correlated with the cash-flow generated by the capitalization of production, the collection of the subsidy or with the calendar of the births.
  • funding has a duration of up to 5 years, with the possibility of grace period for the first year and an advance of 10%.
  • guarantee is done with the funded cattle and with the bullocks’ sales contract. More information and contact of regional representatives HERE.



  • Identification of the cattle genetic line according to the desire to develop the farm;
  • Selection of a bull from the established genetic line;
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation for the leasing program and payment of the advance invoice;
  • Organisation of the transport;
  • The selected bull is purchased by the farmer for a predefined 2-year period;
  • Welfare of the bull is the responsibility of the owner and of the partner for the leasing period;
  • One year after delivery of the bull, the first instalment will be paid;
  • At the end of the second year, the following instalment will be paid;
  • The partner can return the bull or can pay the residual value and become the new owner of the bull.


Advantages of the program:

  • The farmer can start the program with a small amount of money
  • Instalments can be paid by supplying produced calves
  • Bulls in the leasing program are descendants of champion bulls
  • Disclaimer of bull transport responsibilities
  • Applying an easy, natural mounting method, recommended for the Angus cattle herds.


  1. Calculate the number of pregnant cattle you want and reserve them by order now.
  2. Pay the reservation advance to make sure you have the cattle in autumn.
  3. In September / October select animals, directly from our farm, before delivery 

Advantages of the program:

– reserving pregnant cattle calving in spring brings the minimal maintenance costs of both pregnant cattle and calves which will feed directly with grass on the pasture. Also — farmers who open up new holdings will be able to benefit from the new ANT subsidy.



  1. Contact Karpaten Meat to schedule a visit to your farm.
  2.  The animals are being valued by our representatives
  3. The logistical and transport details shall be established


Advantages of the program:

Many of our collaborators are already looking for cost-effective alternatives to replace old cows in their farms. Therefore, we respond to the needs of our partners as well and include in our partnership program the possibility of buying-back cattle that have reached too high maintenance costs.



In order to create a national ANGUS production network, we are looking for reliable partners. We can provide you with our knowledge and experience, technical and logistical support as well as fair prices. Your task is to understand the importance of genetics, cattle breeding and care and calf production.