Karpaten Meat provides you with experience in ANGUS cattle husbandry and offers consultancy for setting up a sustainable ANGUS cattle farm.


How does the program work?

  1. Contact Karpaten Meat to plan a visit to our farm.
  2. Make a price offer and select the right choice for you.
  3. Conclude the partnership contract and set the prices for weaned calves acquisition.
  4. Karpaten Meat prepares the cattle and the documents (pedigree, quarantine, tests and vaccinations) necessary for acquisition.
  5. Raise, look after ANGUS cattle and produce your own calves.
  6. Karpaten Meat buys back the weaned calves, between 6-12 months, according to contract terms and conditions.



To build a nationwide Angus production network we are looking for trustworthy partners to produce calves. We can provide you with our know-how and experience, technical and logistic support, as well as fair prices. Raising and caring for the calves, as well as calves production are your responsibility.


Advantages to both parties involved

Under contract, we guarantee the buy-back of calves produced according to contract terms and conditions. The calves will have been suckling for at least 6 months from their mother cow before buy-back. The guarantee of buying back the calves reduces risk for our partner and ensures a profitable market. Investment costs are therefore recouped in a relatively short time, also giving our partner confidence, while being exempt from further fodder and labour costs.