We, the team at Karpaten Meat, consider it our duty to contribute to the food consumption of the population with healthy and high-quality products. We cultivate land according to strict European Union regulations and following Bio Suisse standards.


Romania offers some of the best conditions for natural beef and cereal production. To sustain a strong, yet environmentally friendly agriculture, Karpaten Meat contributes with naturally produced cereal to beef production. The land and grasslands we farm have a high natural value, allowing indigenous plants to prosper and remain sustainable, maintaining the biodiversity typical for Hârtibaciu Valley.

Under our programme for feeding breeding cattle we grow alfalfa, a mix of indigenous grasses and legumes, while for fattening cattle we additionally grow maize. The products we get are silage alfalfa, silage mix of grasses and legumes, silage maize, hay from alfalfa and grass mixed with legumes, and wrapped bales of alfalfa and of grass mixed with legumes. The entire crop is exclusively used for the feeding of our own cattle. We use seeds from Romanian producers and monitor the production and land works in real time.


Although the climate and soil in the region are sometimes a challenge, we manage to get the desired results together with a dedicated and involved team. We give special attention to preserving the crop and forage in general, constantly monitoring their quality. We produce forage according to annual needs, taking into account cattle population, age and category of cattle, in order to get high-quality beef, therefore engaging in an active agricultural management. The collaboration between the land farming and cattle rearing management ensures the desired results and helps us overcome challenges and improve performance.



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