Karpaten Meat Group has developed in time through the merging of several larger or smaller companies.


One of these is Land Service & Topo. The business started in 1998 through land acquisition for customers.

The first hectares were bought in Sibiu, and new investment areas were later identified in Arad, Timişoara, Dolj, Mehedinţi. Meanwhile, LS&T services expanded, to meet all customer demands.

At present, LS&T has offices in Sibiu, Arad, Craiova and Vânju Mare (Mehedinţi county). Currently 40 employees are managing 24.000 ha for our company customers.

Services offered by our company include:


Consultancy prior to investment:

  • Consultancy for investment decisions
  • Establishment of a new legal entity
  • Legal advice


Consultancy at the operational stage:

  • Database management
  • Land reporting
  • Land mapping
  • Land sales
  • Subsidy management
  • Organic certification management
  • Legal advice
  • Accountancy and financial management

Consultancy at the project development stage:

  • Land acquisition management
  • Land register entries
  • Land lease-in management
  • Land compaction management
  • Land stock taking
  • Land database management
  • Land reporting
  • Land mapping
  • Land clearing
  • Legal advice
  • Accountancy and financial management

Land acquisition

The process of land acquisition involves the following:

  • Power of attorney
  • Database
  • Document preparation
  • Centralization process: work permits, data selection from commune and farm registry
  • Area measurement, plot planning, land registry documentation
  • Land certificate through prohibition of purchase in favour of buyer
  • Transfer stage
  • Land certificate on behalf of buyer

The land registration process is carried out by a certified cadastral agent. For carrying out the land registration, our companies are authorized by the Ministry of Administration and Interior. Finding an exit strategy for an investor is a key factor for success in investments, and we have a long experience in the market placement country. Monthly, we offer our customers a field report containing information on compaction, lease-in, lease-out, swapping, etc.  

Land mapping

Our company offers maps for the land owned, so that the investor can have a complete image of all the land owned. Thematic maps are made according to the needs of the investors; maps for owned or leased land, farmed land, information with attached orthographic photography and maps for future investment, lease (rents), swaps, other investors in the region. The maps are made in AutoCAD (digitalised and georeferenced) and can be exported in pdf and jpg format or as kmz files (for Google Earth).

Land inventory

The value of the land depends to a large extent on its degree of use.  Its degree of use depends on the clearing state of the land. Our company measures the land clearing stage through a professional inventory, made by conducting on-site inspections and professional hexacopter measurements. Hexacopter measurements allow for much more accurate land photography than those provided by any other supplier (the so-called “orthophoto”).

Land clearing

To clear the land, our company uses professional worker teams and equipment. Through land clearing we generate agricultural land available for any type of professional use.

Land functionality

Our company offers the customer both brokering of adequate operators, as well as the brokering services of renting the land to the investor. Additionally, we offer assistance to investors that do not want their land to stay unfarmed (“passive investors”). This mainly refers to the application for subsidy. Topography is made by assisted GPS (thus giving practical meaning to land working), and also for measuring of other activities (fencing, drilling, authorization projects, etc.).

Land subsidy

Being a member of the European Union, Romania benefits from subsidy levels established for land owners regarding land price, and these subsidies are among the highest in the EU. For customers we manage the annual application for subsidy.