Since 2009, Karpaten Meat Group has specialized in rearing, selecting and marketing Aberdeen Angus cattle with international genetics. We have partners globally and in Romania and enjoy recognition for the genetic quality of the Angus cattle we sell.

Both for our own farm and for our partners we have selected and imported the animals with the best genetics in the world, managing to have the best genetic selection in Romania. Our animals have Certificates of Origin and are included in Angus Herd Books. Our bulls are winners of world competitions, with maximum qualifiers, being highly appreciated for their breeding qualities.

Therefore, we offer for sale maiden heifers, open heifers, bred heifers and breeding bulls, both from our own farm and imported from Germany, Scotland, Ireland, the Czech Republic and Austria. We also offer integrated solutions for your business, and a range of services such as the opportunity to select the desired cattle from a group, logistics, consultancy in managing an Angus farm, services to help you set up an Angus cattle business or to consolidate your existing business.


For guaranteed success of an Angus farm, the genetics of the breeding cattle deserves special focus. Angus cattle are recognized for features that make a real difference to the efficiency of a cattle farm, like: extensive cattle husbandry, resistance to extreme conditions, easy calving, high yield in product growth, issuing of certification at slaughter and, last but not least, premium beef due to high marbling. Truly, the genetic value of Angus cattle can best be felt on the market.


For a high yield in extensive cattle husbandry, besides the right production technology one needs appropriate genetics. We give special attention to improved genetic lines in order to ensure performance upholding, transmission and improvement. Therefore, we can offer our customers trustworthy Angus genetics for an efficient quality improvement, also to be found on our partner farms.


Traceability on a breeding farm generates rapid progress and increased profitability through high-performing products. Through a correct selection process of the breeding cattle we can obtain products with high-scoring genetics.

To achieve high performance and superior genetics we use management programmes specialized for Angus cattle, the Breedplan genetic evaluation system and regular evaluation programs for genetic optimization. Besides standard testing, we use additional selection methods, such as ultrasound measurement of muscle and genetic areas, testing procedures regarding sensitivity, marbling and forage conversion rate (animal feed efficiency).


Our goal is to keep our partners permanently informed about news concerning genetic progress, correct selection methods, focused on the final product. We can offer you advice in making the correct choice for your farm. By improving the quality of an Angus herd, the profit of your farm will increase, on the one hand through the high yield you will get by making various operational costs efficient, and on the other hand by producing genetically superior bovine animals, with true market value. Introducing genetic improvement and focusing on top genetics generates functionality and added value to your cattle population, while reducing operational costs, timing and labour demands, thus contributing to increased profitability for the whole farm.


Rearing Angus cattle can be an opportunity for dairy farms that want to make a conversion from intensive to extensive (dairy-beef) cattle husbandry, for land owners that want to integrate rearing Angus cattle into their production chain, or for owners of unfarmed grasslands. Our project is based on connections with trusted partners in Romania, both for breeding and fattening. So, as system providers, we support partnerships by offering fair and mutually beneficial conditions, both in cattle sales and acquisitions.